MEDAS 21 - MEDIA Development in the 21st Century

At present, the importance of media and journalism in the world regions shaken by political and economic crises is increasingly coming to the attention of international decision makers. For decades, Western development organisations have been working to promote media actors in transition countries as agents of civil society change. To evaluate how effective these measures have been so far and to develop new concepts facing the changed global conditions, the research program MEDAS 21 has been established. 


The structured doctoral program deals with the whole field of media development assistance and is located at the intersection of university theory and practical application. Due to the cooperation of the three institutes of the University Alliance Ruhr (IfJ Dortmund, IfM Bochum, IfK Duisburg-Essen), and especially due to the project initiators Prof Dr Susanne Fengler, Prof Dr Barbara Thomaß and Prof Dr Jens Loenhoff, the perspectives from Journalism Studies, Media Studies and Communication Studies can be combined. That unique combination promises innovative theoretical approaches in media development cooperation and focuses solutions to problems of practical relevance. 













Dr Dirk-Claas Ulrich, Stefan Wollnik and Michel Leroy (back row, f.l.t.r.), Fabiola Ortíz, Viviane Schönbächler, Mira Keßler and Roja Zaitoonie (front row, f.l.t.r. ) Photo: Svenja Kloos


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