Projects @ MEDAS 21

Core questions of the reasearch school MEDAS 21 are in different areas of media development cooperation.
The seven doctoral students work on the following topics.

Mira Keßler

"What do cultural differences mean for the cross-cultural communication in journalism training as part of Communication for Development? Between the global North and India (AT)"

Michel Leroy

"Use and limits of the not-for-profit radio sustainability in development contexts – a comparative framework to redefine 'media development assistance' in the digital era."

Johanna Mack

Titel is coming soon.

Fabiola Ortíz

"Peace Journalism in the Central African Republic: From Concept to Context."
(provisional title)

Viviane Schönbächler

"Women in local radio: How gendering the media affects the transformative capacities of radios in Burkina Faso."

Stefan Wollnik

"Health journalism in Sub-Saharan Africa: An empirical analysis of its general conditions and social perception."

Roja Zaitoonie

"From Idea to Reality? - The UN Efforts on Media Development in Fragile and (Post-)Conflict Contexts ."


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