Meet our Fellows!

Currently, seven fellows pursue their doctorates at MEDAS 21. Please find their profiles below:  

Mira Keßler

Holds an M.A. in Media Studies from Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen. She also worked as a filmmaker, media educator and journalist. Her research interests include journalism training, research on differences, constructive approaches, teaching & education,

(cross-cultural) communication, identity, postcolonialism, de-westernisation, ethnography and qualitative methods.

Michel Leroy

Holds an M.A.-like diploma in journalism from Lille (France). His research interests include social impact, media sustainability, education, digital transformations and radio in developing context.


Johanna Mack

Holds an M.A. in National and Transnational Studies from

Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster. Her research interests include

transnational journalism studies, media and migration, cultural and literary studies and postcolonial studies.




Fabíola Ortiz

Holds a M.A. in Journalism, Media and Globalisation from Aarhus University (Denmark) / Swansea University (United Kingdom). Her research interests include media development/assistance in (post)conflict societies, media systems in Africa, media and peace, media in conflicts, journalism culture, peace journalism, human rights journalism, communication for development/for social change.

Viviane Schönbächler

Holds an MPhil in International Peace, Conflict and Development Studies 

from University Jaume I Castellón in Spain. Her research interests include conflict transformation, gender media studies, gender in development as well as media and peace.

Stefan Wollnik

Holds a M.Sc. in Public Health and a M.A. in Political Communication from University of Bielefeld. His research interests include political, health and intercultural communication, digital transformation, concepts and theories of Communication Studies and Media Sociology, qualitative research. 

Roja Zaitoonie

Holds an M.A. in Social Science from Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) and an LL.M. in Human Rights from the University of Valencia (Spain). Her research interests include Media Development, Peace and Conflict Studies, Human Rights, and the United Nations.