Johanna Mack

Curriculum Vitae


Johanna Mack Holds an M.A. in National and Transnational Studies from Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster. She supports the Project "Journalism in a Global Context" at the

Erich-Brost Institute for International Journalism, including seminars, workshops and conferences in Dortmund, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau and Morocco and the writing of an international curriculum on teaching media and migration. She is an editor of the German website of the European Journalism Observatory and co-organized  the installation of Yoko Ono's participatory artwork "Add Color (Refugee Boat)" in Dortmund.


Research Interests 


Her research interests include transnational journalism studies, media and migration, cultural and literary studies and postcolonial studies.

PhD Project


"The Role of Media Development Actors in instable (Trans)National(izing) Media Systems" (Working Title)


This research project aims to provide a mapping of all media actors and media development actors in Guinea-Bissau, which is counted by UNDESA as one of the ten least developed countries in the world. Critically applying postcolonial theories, it will conceptualize as a country-case study a media system analysis for Guinea-Bissau, with a special focus on the function of international development assistance for the Bissau-Guinean (national) media system. Thereby, it will contribute to the theoretical discussion about chances and limits of media system analysis and the transnationalisation of media systems in the case of countries receiving

media development assistance. Perspectives for achieving a stabilizing impact of media development assistance in instable contexts will be drawn from a comparison with a second country.



Mack, Johanna: „Bots – Wer trägt die Verantwortung?“ In: Krone, Jan; Pellegrino, Tassilo (Hrsg.): Medienwandel Kompakt 2017-2019. Schlaglichter der Veränderung in Kommunikation, Medienwirtschaft, Medienpolitik und Medienrecht – Ausgewählte Netzveröffentlichungen. Springer Verlag – Life Edition, Hamburg, 2019.